Joey Mars Bio

I went to art school in Boston in the early 80's. Became involved in the alternative rock music scene designing posters and t-shirts for bands and clubs. Moved back to my city of birth, Worcester, Mass. where I joined the Worcester Artist Group as studio member and eventually became president of the non profit organization.  We showcased art, music and performance art from all over as well as providing studio spaces in 10,000 square feet of refurbished factory space .  Secured international merchandise distributing deals for my cartoon creations which plastered my art in malls, boutiques and festivals world wide in the 90's.  This exposure led to garnering some art projects for some stadium bands. Moved to Cape Cod in the late 90's where I still live today with my wife and daughter.  Traveled the world with the Shop Therapy crew designing packaging and advertising for their retail and wholesale product lines. Created two large murals for their retail locations in Provincetown  Worked my own stores and galleries in Provincetown. Joined the Helltown Workshop crew for a few years. I have been working the gallery scene on the Cape and the North East since 2000 or so.  You can see some of these products and exploits on my website at . My latest endeavor is a daily comic art piece called Cash Money Aliens which appears daily on